LP. Services

A good product is by no means the only thing you need. Accompanying services are also required, for optimizing the business processes within the packaging industry to create lasting additional value. Our focus is on the business processes in the packaging industry. We speak the same language as our customers, so we can start implementing the project objectives right away, without the learning curve that normally applies with non-specialized consultants. Resources are saved, and suboptimal solution conceptions, which unfortunately often fail to reveal their full impact until it is too late to correct them, are avoided.
LP. provides a diversified portfolio of consulting and support services which matches individual customer needs during the planning and realization phases and also when the solution goes live. The interaction of these success factors and our full commitment help our customers to keep a step ahead of the competition.


Consulting Services

Identifying the IT system that meets their business requirements is a huge challenge for many medium-sized packaging companies. So LP. provides consulting and support services early on, at the beginning of the system evaluation phase. In addition to the definition of target processes, the cost-effectiveness of the investment can be evaluated (ROI analysis) and required organizational changes can be addressed.

Packaging enterprises are exposed to a multitude of challenges, which, if they are to stay competitive, requires changes in their established organization and process structure. It is essential to design the changes in a way that is oriented toward the respective targets. In the context of an LP.Packaging implementation or during the planning of complex supply chains, experienced LP. consultants support our customers in initiating and planning change processes and implementing them successfully.

Apart from many positive effects, the globalization of the markets has also led to a free-for-all in the packaging industry, with each competitor trying to elbow the others out. Sinking margins, rising raw material costs, shorter product life cycles and shrinking batch sizes force enterprises to work permanently on the optimization and flexibility of their operational sequences. Real life shows that substantial productivity increases can be achieved by the integration and automation of business processes. For this reason, LP. offers innovative products and consulting services, which help our customers to implement new processes and optimize existing operational sequences. With the integration of business partners or the JDF-based cross-linking of all production factors, LP. has the solution that creates lasting additional benefit.

The implementation of a highly integrated business solution requires a precise knowledge of the interaction of all subdivisions. So we offer integrated consulting services in all essential divisions: product development, customer relations management, job planning, supply chain management with customers and suppliers, materials management and purchasing, stock and warehouse management, production planning and production control, operating and machine data collection, quality management, distribution and transportation planning and enterprise control with human capital management, financial accounting, controlling and business intelligence. The consulting service within these functional areas is always business-process-oriented. So coordination problems at process and system interfaces are avoided, with the aim of lowering the total cost of ownership.

LP expert consulting is a service for customers who need support with the conception and implementation of complex business processes or functions.
In the context of a full implementation of LP.Packaging, an optimization project or short-term SAP know-how transfer; the LP. experts help you to develop new rationalization potentials.

You have extensive requirements which exceed the tremendous individualization possibilities of LP.Packaging? No problem! LP. supports you with the feasibility study, specification and implementation of your requested solution. The LP. solution architects and application developers already make sure with the specification that your desired solution is integrated in the existing system environment carefully and without side effects. On request, LP. offers cost-effective maintenance services, in order to keep your requested solution permanently up to date.

LP has SAP-certified specialists who take complete care of the installation, configuration and support of the SAP system landscape in the context of an implementation project and/or in the later operating phase of the solution. The spectrum covers services within the area of SAP basis customizing, with conception, set-up and maintenance of the system and client concept, the transportation and job management system, print control, and system user administration with authorization profiles and roles. LP. thus offers its customers an extensive managed services portfolio which, particularly for medium-sized enterprises, provides an economical alternative to external hosting concepts.

The implementation of a new business solution requires precise planning and control. The risk of running into the cost trap that involves imponderables of cooperation, unexpected incidents, a lack of coordination of the scope of work and missed deadlines is simply too high. To minimize that risk, LP. project managers work with standardized methods and procedures, tried and tested in many projects, ensuring that milestones are met and lean budgets adhered to. LP. project management ensures that the project requirements and contract regulations are achieved as agreed.
The project managers do everything that is necessary to achieve this goal; in particular the execution and monitoring of the master plan for all project costs, expenses, deadlines and resources. Additional tasks are the coordination and reporting of the project activities together with the customer’s project coordinator, and monitoring of the change request process. In short, the project managers ensure that all the specifications are executed to your full satisfaction.

Our experience from many ERP implementation projects shows that for the training of the project members a process and task-oriented approach to learning contents leads to faster and more lasting training success than a purely module-oriented procedure. For this reason project teams are established early on, at the beginning of the project. These teams consist of one person in charge (the process owner) and several team members. With the assignment of each project member to tasks and functional areas (roles), the individual training and qualification needs of each member can be determined. The training can be held in groups (classroom training) or individual sessions.
All training and qualification measures are performed by experienced LP. basis and application consultants who have up-to-date SAP know-how and expert knowledge in the industry sector. In addition, up-to-date interactive and audio-visual e-learning tools are used for the knowledge transfer that enables your team members to call up the learning content independent of location and time. Breakdown times at the workplace can be reduced and training and traveling costs cut


Support Services

Qualified service consultants are available to you in person, for all kinds of question regarding your industry solution and SAP standard, from Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. In addition to our helpdesk infrastructure we offer you maintenance services for SAP standard software and for the LP.Packaging solution within a software maintenance contract. It includes updates and corrections (support packages) for the acquired software version.

You need longer stand-by times; you want assistance with process optimization or a customer-specific software adjustment or enhancement? No problem! LP.Premium Support offers all the services from our service portfolio and coordinates execution between you and our consulting and development team. We thus ensure that the value creation potentials of your solution are fully exploited over all phases of utilization.