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LP. Print business software for the print industry

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End-to-end print solutions

LP. PRINT is the unique approach to the problem of how to make your printing enterprise productive and fit for the future.

LP. PRINT is based on the principle of depicting the fundamental business processes that are common to all industries with the best business software worldwide, SAP, and adding the print-specific processes with the aid of SAP development tools.

LP.PRINT is a highly integrated, uniform system with defined interfaces to print shop technology. It is continually optimized and extended by us, through SAP in respect of the basis, and together with experts from leading printing enterprises as regards the sector-specific aspects.

We put together the sector-specific, preconfigured SAP modules and our supplementary solution components and packages in collaboration with you, aiming at an overall solution that is geared to your requirements.

End-to-end process automation has arrived and it is economically viable. Print 4.0 is not a short-lived bubble but offers a realistic opportunity to ensure long-term sustainability – Ulrich Lauterbach, in “Looking beyond traditional boundaries”, Deutscher Drucker, 04/2017