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Under the motto „Join the Innovation Circle“, Dr. Lauterbach & Partner invite stakeholders from the sector to become part of the Print & Packaging Community and together with LP. as a strategic partner to utilize new technologies in digitization, industry 4.0 and the internet of things and to develop them for the benefit of everyone.

They are interested in the LP. Innovation Circle? Write us now!

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Impressions of the LP. Conference 2018

On the 20th September 2018 the second LP. Conference for the print and packaging industry will take place. This time also with international guests. A look back here:

Below you can download the lectures:

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Keynote: Join the Innovation Circle  Download

Smart Manufacturing on Demand  Download

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Digital Pragmatism   Download

Family Run Pricing  Download

Program 2018

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Impressions of the
LP. Conference 2017

Last year, the first LP. Conference took place to mark the 25th anniversary of Dr. Lauterbach & Partner. Under the motto Print & Packaging 4.0, over 70 participants from the sector enjoyed high quality presentations from leading companies in the print and packaging sector in the stylish surroundings of the Print Media Academy. Here you can see a brief video review of the event in 2017. (only available in German)

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They are interested in the LP. Innovation Circle? Write us now!

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