Leaflets, booklets and labels complement the packaging of proprietary articles and need to be delivered again and again at constant quality and precision, ideally together with the packing materials and just in time to the customer’s packing-line. Our tried and tested solutions help you to achieve this.


Basic sector-specifically preconfigured processes

  • handling of enquiries
  • cost calculation with variants
  • pricing & quotations
  • customers / contracts
  • service orders
  • call management
  • procurement & stock
  • administration of storage facilities
  • material flow management
  • bar code label printing
  • materials / capacity planning
  • intercompany business
  • production planning
  • optimization of order sequencing
  • acquisition of production data
  • acquisition of machine data
  • electronic job folder
  • performance statistics for production
  • alternative manufacturing routes
  • alternative machines
  • transport planning
  • order picking
  • invoicing of goods
  • invoicing of services
  • complaint management
  • fixed asset accounting
  • cost-center accounting
  • projected and actual cost calculation
  • profit and loss statement
  • management reporting
  • inspection planning
  • inspection assignments (goods-in, in-process and final inspection)
  • inspection certificates
  • evaluations & analyses
  • personnel management
  • maintenance


Specific processes and solution components


Prepress integration

• PDF workflow
• JDF connection to EskoArtwork
• JDF connection to image setter


Sheetfed integration

• JDF connection
• JMF connection Heidelberger


Product breakdown

• mathematical definition of folding variants
• optimum manufacturing routes
• alternative manufacturing routes
• automatic panelization
• verification of availability of slide-in carriage / cylinder for rotary offset and flexo


Postpress automation

• automatic panelization
• overall PDF version with graphic content or via EskoArtwork Step & Repeat


Cost calculation and products

• performance catalog of typical processes and machines with complications, interference factors and factors that may lead to reduced output
• set of standards for wastage, set-up and output specifications
• generation of products, maintenance of empirical knowledge
• definition of critical run sizes for alternative manufacturing routes
• automatic updates when costs change
• fully automatic cost calculation for simple products with product structure generation
• individual cost calculation

Price tableau

• target prices and minimum price levels for all possible quantity scales
• extra charges for variants and additional work
• drawing-up of price lists


Manufacturing aids

• version control of print images
• flexo block administration
• administration of punching tools for reel labels


SKU cockpit

• automated generation of variants, print images, gray component replacement, blocks
• implementation of color specifications in printing inks
• allocation of inks to block in order of printing