Producing individual customized products fast and inexpensively, with supplementary services – our tried and tested solutions help you to achieve this.


Basic sector-specifically preconfigured processes

  • handling of enquiries
  • cost calculation with variants
  • pricing & quotations
  • customer / service orders
  • procurement
  • stock management
  • administration of storage facilities
  • material flow management
  • printing of labels
  • materials / capacity planning
  • intercompany business
  • production planning
  • optimization of order sequencing
  • acquisition of production data
  • acquisition of machine data
  • electronic job folder
  • performance statistics for production
  • quality inspection
  • transport planning
  • invoicing of goods
  • invoicing of services
  • complaint management
  • fixed asset accounting
  • cost-center accounting
  • projected and actual cost calculation
  • profit and loss statement
  • management reporting
  • personnel management
  • quality management
  • maintenance

Specific processes and solution components

[us_iconbox icon=”fas|plug” size=”48px” title=”Interfaces”]• EskoArtwork
• PDF workflow
• CAPE Pack optimization
• JDF offset printing
• JMF Heidelberger Druck
• ink recipes
• ink mixing units[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fas|tint” size=”48px” title=”Product breakdown”]• product breakdown without templates
• mathematical definition of folding variants
• optimum manufacturing routes
• automatic panelization with PDF version[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”far|flag” size=”48px” title=”Costs, yields, milestones”]• print specification
• generation of end or interim products with their print specification, colors, coatings and printing formes
• version control of print images[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fas|calculator” size=”48px” title=”Cost calculation”]• performance catalog of typical processes and machines
• complications / factors that may lead to reduced output
• comprehensive set of standards for the calculation of wastage, set-up time and output
• generation of products
• maintenance of empirical knowledge
• cost calculation of variants
• definition of critical run sizes for alternative manufacturing routes
• automatic updates when costs change
• calculation of freight and storage costs and services[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”far|file-pdf” size=”48px” title=”Postpress automation”]• panelization separated according to type
• panelization of print jobs being done together
• overall PDF version with graphic content[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fas|tag” size=”48px” title=”Price tableau”]• transfer of cost calculation results to price tableau
• suggestions for target price and minimum price level for any number of runs in accordance with target contribution margins
• extra charges for variants and additional work
• planned earnings after determination of sales price
• drawing up of price lists[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fas|truck” size=”48px” title=”Shipping service”]• connection to parcel services
• packing instructions for each delivery with distribution lists
• print of shipping labels[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fas|archive” size=”48px” title=”Order picking process”]• storage facility for finished goods
• call management
• comprisal of various different end products into a single delivery
• service accounting[/us_iconbox]