Giving sensitive loose goods the optimum in protection, presenting them in a way that will promote sales, preproducing semi-finished goods in order to cut down lead times, ensuring constant product quality, controlling material flow over more than one plant and through several manufacturing phases and interim storage facilities, retracing batches and reels and providing evidence of what they were used for … all this, embedded in efficient technical and financial planning and management systems, makes very high demands on business software.



Basic sector-specifically preconfigured processes

  • handling of enquiries
  • cost calculation with variants
  • pricing & quotations
  • customer / service orders
  • contracts / delivery plans
  • procurement processes
  • stock management / storage facilities
  • material retrieval administration
  • contracts and delivery plans
  • batch administration / batch tracing
  • handling unit management
  • control of material flow by bar codes
  • labels / pallet flags
  • materials / capacity planning
  • automatic availability checks
  • manufacture at more than one location
  • third-party manufacture
  • graphic production planning
  • alternative manufacturing routes
  • alert monitor for conflicts
  • optimization of order sequencing
  • acquisition of production data
  • electronic job folder
  • automated booking of items consumed and additions to stock
  • performance statistics for production
  • transport planning
  • invoicing goods & service
  • handling of returns
  • stock / freight invoicing
  • customs clearance
  • financial accounting
  • fixed asset accounting
  • logistical integration
  • cost-center accounting
  • profit-center accounting
  • projected and actual cost calculation
  • profit and loss statement
  • management reporting
  • inspection planning and inspection assignments
  • test certificates
  • error analysis / evaluation
  • complaint management
  • forecast / sales history
  • preliminary planning and make-to-stock production
  • CRM
  • personnel management
  • maintenance


Specific processes and solution components


Product development interfaces

• Esko Automation Engine
• Esko WebCenter
• ink recipe / mixing systems


R&D order management

• layer structure for composite films
• manufacture of graphic artwork masters


Costs, yields, milestones

• print specification
• generation of end or interim products with their print specification, colors, coatings and printing formes
• version control of print images


Price tableau

• suggestions for target price and minumum price level for any number of runs in accordance with target contribution margins
• calculation of freight and storage costs
• determination of optimum batches


Cost calculation / product generation

• comprehensive set of standards for the calculation / optimization of trim, wastage, set-up time and output
• generation of products, parts lists [&] work schedules, maintenance of empirical knowledge
• determination of critical run sizes for alternative manufacturing routes
• planned product templates for multistage layer / recipe structure for all typical manufacturing procedures when widths have not yet been allocated
• recipe administration for wet, dry and alternative components

Acquisition of production data and reel tracing

• comprisal of production data and material bookings at reel level via shop floor data collection (LP.SFDC)
• traceability report (reel level)
• retracing / evidence of utilization for batches and reels
• integration in QM, fulfillment of GMP


Manufacturing sequences optimized in terms of set-up

• comprisal of individual orders, e.g. combined cutting orders with automatic cost allocation in retrospect
• generation of manufacturing sequences so as to optimize set-up, comprisal of orders and sequential sales prices


Other highlights

• connection to packaging lines
• paperless order picking
• complete set of forms
• graphic business reports featuring the most important management figures