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Automated composing for the print & packaging industry

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With the LP. Composer for print & packaging you will benefit from cost reductions, savings in time and the maximal use of capacity when composing, planning and processing your orders. In just a few seconds any number of orders can be assigned with the optimal use of capacity. The Composing Performance Indicator developed specially by LP. enables quality to be analysed simply and the automatic optimization of your print sheets.

Achieve the highest levels of automation of your composing processes and benefit from reductions in cost, savings in time and the maximal use of capacity when composing, planning and processing your orders.   To receive more information, please fill in the following form.

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Your added value in comparison

The Digital Composer enables you to automate your manual processes and can be integrated seamlessly into your existing ERP landscape. The following table illustrates a comparison taken from a sample project in which the results of an A/B test of manual and digital processes are compared. Fill out the form now and request prices for the Digital Composer!

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  • Automation of the order summary
  • Cost optimization of the production path through a break-even function
  • Simplification of subsequent processes for print plate production through the superimposing of print control strips and print marks.
  • The creation of optimal cut profiles: account taken of cut contours for optimal utilization of the cutting blades
  • Simple, intuitive operation
  • Whole PDF builder for the creation of high resolution graphical documents for production.
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To receive more information, please fill in the following form.

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Cost optimization of production paths through a break-even function

  • Sheet set-up costs (Fix 1)
  • Colour / coating plate costs (Fix 2)
  • Cost benefits (variable)


  • Data PDF: Sheet preview and results data
  • Excel (XLSX) with results data

Sheet Preview (Optional with PDF)

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  • Differing formats
  • DIN formats as well as other sizes
  • Composer Performance Indicator
  • 10,000 orders of the same volume in 4 seconds

Sheet Preview

  • New rendering technology
  • PDF Export

Folding: 3D animated Preview

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