Developing décors, creating décor variants in the laboratory, printing and finishing décor papers, always with the same constant quality but in customer-specified widths, whether they’re finish foils or papers impregnated with synthetic resin – our tried and tested solutions help you to achieve this.



Basic sector-specifically preconfigured processes

  • handling of enquiries
  • cost calculation with variants
  • pricing in accordance with target contribution margins
  • quotation administration
  • customer / service orders
  • call management
  • procurement
  • batch / reel administration
  • administration of storage facilities
  • bar code material flow
  • labels / batch identification flags
  • materials / capacity planning
  • intercompany business
  • production planning
  • optimization of order sequencing
  • multistage manufacturing
  • acquisition of production data
  • acquisition of machine data
  • electronic job folder
  • production batches
  • reel administration
  • finished goods warehouse
  • transport planning
  • invoicing of goods
  • invoicing of services
  • complaint management
  • fixed asset accounting
  • cost-center accounting
  • projected and actual cost calculation
  • periodic performance statistics
  • profit and loss statement
  • management reporting
  • inspection planning
  • inspection assignments (goods-in, in-process and final inspection)
  • inspection certificates
  • evaluations & analyses
  • personnel management
  • access control / time and motion
  • maintenance


Specific processes and solution components



• ink recipes
• ink mixing systems
• high-rise rack storage facility
• cylinder store
• packaging line with weighing platform


Service processes

• planning, implementation and accounting of product and laboratory development projects
• scrapping processes
• prototype management
• manufacture / maintenance of laboratory and production cylinders for gravure printing
• recipe process


Costs, yields, milestones

• print specification
• generation of end and / or interim products with their print specification, colors, coatings and printing formes
• version control of print images


Manufacturing aids

• printing formes, impression rollers, anilox rollers, blocking presses
• evidence of utilization
• wear-and-tear checks
• handling of replacement tools


Procurement of décor paper

• block reservation
• deadline for allocation of widths
• connection to supplier’s warehouse
• selection and allocation according to batch-specific / reel-specific paper properties
• administration of reel stubs and rest rolls
• automated calls and optimization of loading space
• automated provision
• consumption statistics and warehouse optimization


Cost calculation / product structures

• performance catalog for all processes and machines with complications, interference factors and factors that may lead to reduced output
• generation of one-stage and multistage product structures for print, finish foils and papers impregnated with synthetic resins
• customer-specific preproduction of semi-finished goods with division of final processing
• variant configuration
• calculation of freight and storage costs and services
• calculation of optimum batches
• determination of critical
run sizes for alternative manufacturing routes

SKU cockpit

• automated generation of variants, print images, gray component replacement and gravure cylinders
• administration of identical or similar cylinders


Traceability report

• evidence of batch utilization
• batch retracing
• reel utilization / tracing