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As part of our company’s 25th year anniversary celebration the LP. Conference 2017 is taking place on 14th September in the Print Media Academy in Heidelberg. Enjoy top-class expert presentations and success stories from the print and packaging industry in a stylish ambience. Furthermore, you can use the day for networking and to enjoy the culinary program with a view over Heidelberg Castle.     

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Professional article: Web-to-Print

Only available in German.

Professional article: Print 4.0

Look beyond traditional boundaries – management information software (MIS) is regarded as the “command authority” in a print company. The Print 4.0 concept is bringing this “authority” and ERP software closer to comparable tools utilized by customers. How do software providers “cope” in this environment?

Alongside order management systems (OMS), MIS and ERP software represent the systems-centrepiece of a print company. This “communication centre” is the company’s business control instrument: as a rule it coordinates all business processes and offers the automated (where possible) interlinking of customers, sales, order management, production and logistics. Anyone wishing to establish Print 4.0 in their business cannot really avoid the connection and integration of MIS/ERP systems. Accordingly, software providers had a lot to say about this current hot-topic in the sector….


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